Monday, July 27, 2009

Two more sleeps!

It's Monday morning and we've got about 18kn of North wind which has got us moving at a pretty good clip - 7kn or more. At this rate, we'll be arriving in Victoria on Wednesday evening. It feels so good to be nearing our homeland after two years away - almost to the day! We departed Vancouver on July 31, 2007 and we've visited 8 countries since and have a lifetime of stories and experiences as souvenirs of this great adventure. The trip has been amazing but we're all ready to come home and be reunited with our family and friends and to find our place in the workforce once again. Even the girls are ready to find part time jobs.

It seems a little surreal, actually, as we approach the west coast of North America, knowing Canada is just beyond the clouds and our friends and family just beyond there. We can hardly believe how quickly two years passed by but we imagine things have changed quite a bit during our absence. It'll be strange not to have our cruising buddies nearby and stranger still to have to use a telephone to communicate rather than a radio. The radio is very efficient since everyone hears what's going on with just one call! I must say though, that we're all looking forward to sleeping on a non-moving bed! and to having more personal space to stretch out in.

I hope we'll get a chance to see you upon our return. You can leave a comment on the blog or you can even send us an email through the blog by clicking on the little envelope at the end of each post.

Do keep watching the blog as there will be more pictures to come. Thanks to all of you who read this blog and who leave us comments, we love that.

See you soon!


Linda said...

Wow! and congratulations.
The crew of Curare is back in the Vancouver area for the summer. We would love to see you and hear your stories. Commenting on our blog is the best way or you can send an email to ve0lin as I check winlink frequently. We will not be at the Montague rendevous, no boat, but we'll be watching from our property on Gabriola.

Linda, Geoff and Jessie

S/V Free Spirit said...

Thinking about you guys and enjoy being home. It's something I miss so I brought home to me here in Fiji for a few weeks. Keep in touch,
S/V Free Spirit

Joan Gregory said...

Congratulations Malachi and Orca III!! Victoria will greet you with tropical-level temperatures--at least the air temps. It has been great following your journey home. We'll have to plan a cruisers' reunion once you are settled into "normal" life.Take care on that final leg. Joan and Jan (You might see our friend Sue Dyer, on Sea Fire, at the Montague rendevous.)

tinsoldier50 said...

Add us to the list of those offering "congratulations"! Must be odd though tied to dock and not seeing Orca 3 off your stern - or maybe Steve figured out how to get that old girl going and you guys were gazing at their stern most of the way back!!! Life is good here in Fiji. Jaryd asked that I say a special hi to the girls.
The crew of Tin Soldier