Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mui Calliente!

Well today was the hottest we've had thus far, temperature in the cockpit topped at 35 degrees and 30 degrees in the cabin. Since the afternoon winds have been consistent, we decided to go snorkelling this morning and postpone schoolwork until the afternoon. This was great for the snorkelling, but it was so warm, the girls struggled with staying focused on their studies in the afternoon.

Jocelyn is very excited as she counts down the days to March 18th when she'll be meeting up with her youth group from home. The group will be spending a week at a medical mission in Loreto. Following the week at the mission, Jocelyn will have a friend on board while we cruise from Loreto South to La Paz.

While Jocelyn is away, Jenny will be hosting two of her friends from home, aboard the boat. All three of them are excited beyond belief! Jenny has big plans for her visit with her friends.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Test Post

This is a different sort of blog post as I'm sending it through the HAM radio. If it works, this will be the method we use for keeping you posted during our Pacific crossing and points beyond. We will be departing La Paz on or about April 5th to cross the great divide to the Marquesas.

We're in Coyote Bay, Bahia Conception, a beautiful anchorage and it's FINALLY warm! The breeze is blowing but it's warm, it was 25 degrees at 5pm, very nice! Tomorrow we plan to spend the day snorkeling/diving and relaxing and with any luck we'll enjoy butter clams for dinner!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mulege and Santa Rosalia

We were fortunate enough to have very light wind when we arrived at Mulege, so we spent the night and explored the town the following day. Mulege is a small town about 3 km up the Rio Santa Rosalia. The walk amongst the palms and along the river was a pleasant change from the cactus, rocks and deserts we've seen most everywhere else.
Santa Rosalia is a funny but quaint town. We are staying at the Marina Santa Rosalia, pictured the here is the marina office.

Santa Rosalia is a mining town. El Boleo, a French mining company began mining copper ore here in 1885. There are several historical buildings here. We visited the local museum and the Hotel Frances located amongst the homes where the French workers lived back in the 1800's. One of the most noteable sights here is the Iglesia Santa Barbara built in 1884 by Gustav Eiffel (as in The Eiffel Tower!) which was built of modular cast-iron plates and displayed at the Paris Exposition of 1889. The director of the El Boleo mining company purchased the church in Brussels and had it shipped here and reassembled. It's in remarkably great condition.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Los Nino's

The kids have been having such a good time together, whether it's playing games, swimming, making movies, hiking or just hanging out and playing on the computer, the fun seems endless!
Here's a picture of the kids at the start of our hike up the Steinbeck Canyon at Puerto Escondido.

And one of the hotel at Puerto Escondido where we walked to do internet.

We bought a hammock in La Paz and the girls have decided that it's a fine place for school!