Monday, July 20, 2009

Fourteen more days...

This is the report we've received from Orca III for the past three consecutive days! It beginning to feel like 'Groundhog' day! Even though we keep sailing, the countdown on the chart plotter remains at 14 days! Frustrating to say the least.

Today's been a very rolly one, a condition we expect for the next several days. We're sailing wing on wing with the light 7kn winds directly behind us and although Malachi sails very well with this sail configuration it's not the most comfortable as we roll side to side up to 20 degrees either direction. It certainly makes life interesting on board. We're having a Settlers of Catan tournament today and occasionally when the boat takes a big roll, the board pieces shift out of place, things fall on the floor and the person sitting on the stool slides across the floor. Like I said,!

I know I've written several times about how difficult it can be to move about the boat during wavy or rolly conditions, but it's fun for us to watch Steve experience this anew. Today was particularly funny as he came out of the aft head making his way across the width of the boat only to have the boat roll back to starboard sending him back to where he came from. All we saw was him going forward across the doorway and then backwards the other way....funny!

Last night we invited Orca III along side us once again for a pyrotechnic display. Since the sea was completely calm and there was no wind, we decided to set off more than a dozen firecrackers making up the most exciting show yet. This time, Steve taped two firecrackers to a piece of fishing line which was then tied to the gaff, after they were lit, Jenny extended the gaff out the side of the boat to keep the sparks away - this is a favorite of all. Another favorite display involves poking a pepsi can with about 20 holes and dropping a firecracker inside, this is very cool, but last night, by the time the fourth firecracker was lit, the can gave way, the bottom exploding with the firecracker. We're certainly having fun with this evening activity.

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Larry Pruitt said...

I love your pyro entertainment!!! It sounds to me like the only way to upstage a good ol' firecracker might be to test out the flare gun. Has new crew member Steve thought of that yet??? Sometimes you just need the assurance that the flares are still in working order and reliable in an emergency. I can think of no better time than "pyro night" to do so. ;>)