Thursday, March 23, 2006

African Choir

African Guests
We had the pleasure of hosting two Ugandan girls who sing in a Christian choir. As you can see, the kids had a wonderful time! The children stayed with us for two nights following a concert at our childrens school. If you ever have the opportunity to hear the African Children's Choir perform, we would highly recommend it, you will be richly blessed! These are children who have lost either one or both of their parents as a result of poverty or AIDS, they perform throughout the US and Canada for 15 months then return home with a full educational scholarship. These beautiful and talented young people go on to become their countries doctors, teachers, pilots and pastors. It is truly a wonderful organization. You can visit their website at

Monday, March 20, 2006

Malachi is a 48' cutter which arrived in Seattle, from the Tayana factory in Taiwan, in January 2005. She is a center cockpit, 3 stateroom model. She is pictured here in the Spring of 2005 just off Eakins Point before we had the canvas work done and the name applied.

All sails are roller reefed. We have chosen Leisurefurl in-boom reefing for the main sail and Profurlers for the Jib and Staysail. We really enjoy the ease of the reefing systems. This winter we had an autopilot installed and let me tell you, Otto is our new favorite crew member!

Diesel really enjoys spending lots of time with his family!

Welcome to our Blog,

Our vessel, Malachi, Tayana 48 cc, and crew are preparing for a two year offshore voyage beginning in July 2007. We will depart Vancouver and coastal hop down to Mexico and then cross over to the Marquesas and then continue South to New Zealand before heading home via the Cook Islands and Hawaii.

Please visit our site often, I will try to keep this blog current with all of the preparations both vessel and crew are undergoing.

Both Jay and Marg just completed a Ham radio course and are now certified Ham/Morse operators. VA7JGC and VA7MEC respectively. We are looking forward to taking an operating course next month.

We are in the process of installing our SSB radio (Icom 802), which has proven to be a rather tricky job. We need to make sure we have proper grounding and spent all day Sunday fishing copper foil, over, under and through what seems like everywhere! The backstay will be insulated this week and we should be operational in the near future.

Jay recently installed heat to the cockpit which we completely enjoyed a couple of weeks ago during the snow (in March? Yikes!).

There are many jobs on the list, which seems to get long again the minute we knock off a few of the items - oh well, that's boating for you