Sunday, July 05, 2009

More Hawaii

Welcome to Waikiki!

I can't believe how much travel and activity can be packed into such a short time. While our friends were with us, we visited so many places: Kailua-Kona, Lahaina, Molokai and then finally Honolulu. In fact, we've been too busy to even make a blog posting! OK, well, part of that delay has been due to connectivitiy issues with our computer. But now, we're at the Waikiki Yacht Club and have really been enjoying the pool and the hot showers on shore.
Lyndsay and Jocelyn - Island beauties!
Lahaina was a fun stop where we wandered the shops on the boardwalk adjacent to the water and followed that up with nice lunch at Bubba Gumps in honour of Lyndsay's 18th birthday. It was a fun time and will no doubt be a nice memory for everyone.
Maya, Steve, Steve, Shayna, Jenny, Marg, Lyndsay, Jocelyn, Jay, Alanna and Kyle at the big banyan tree in Lahaina.

Silly Lyndsay, you kept us laughing!
On board, everyone pitches in and Jenny was particularly grateful for the extra help with all of the dishes produced by nine eaters. Even the most mundane chores are fun with friends.
Jenny and Shayna

Steve is always fishing - nice catch, a big wahoo!
Molokai, which was once home to a lepper colony, was a brief stop for us enroute to Oahu. The small sheltered harbour allowed us a more settled sleep, but nothing beats the stillness we've got here in Ala Wai harbour in Waikiki, it's good to be still. Hawaii, although very warm and beautiful, has surprisingly few protected anchorages. We're sure spoiled in BC.
Swimming at Molokai
Shayna, Jenny, Lyndsay, Jocelyn and Alanna enjoying cheesburgers with the tikis in Waikiki
We took a day trip out to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling. It was quite a long bus ride and there were tons of people there but we got to see Hawaii's own fish the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa and even a green sea turtle.

Waikiki beach was popular with it's white sand beach and surf. Steve, Mary and Shayna went body surfing and had a blast while Jocelyn & Jenny went with Orca III and spent an afternoon boogy boarding...too fun!

Playing in the surf at Waikiki beach
Dinner at the Kobe Steakhouse....mmmmm!
The girls and I joined Orca III for a tour of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbour. The audio was particularly informative and really enhanced our experience there. The museum was our favorite.

USS Missouri
Man your battle stations!
At the Arizona Memorial
On July 1st, we decorated Malachi with her signal flags in honour of our country's dominion. Orca III hosted a big Canada Day bash and we sang the national anthem for anyone willing to listen. It was just great to celebrate with some American friends, the crew of Galatea and the Heitzman's, Ray & Ramon and their great kids. A fun time was had by all!

Steve, Jocelyn, Kyle and Maya too the bus out to Diamond Head for a hike one morning while Dionne and I did the big Costco shop to provision for the passage. They had a great time and the views were incredible. Kyle especially enjoyed the tunnel.
Waikiki beach - view from Diamond Head
Maya, Kyle, Jocelyn & Steve
Kyle, Maya and Jocelyn in the bunker on Diamond Head
Stairs to the top of the bunker
Steve and Jocelyn at the top of Diamond Head
Yesterday, we had a chance to celebrate Independence Day with the Americans here at the Yacht Club. We had a front row seat for the fireworks display on Magic Island too. We joined Galatea on their aft deck for the amazing show.
Boat chores and repairs have certainly topped the list of things to do during our time in Hawaii and the major things have all been completed and Malachi is once again ready to set sail for the last leg home to Vancouver. It's good to be homeward bound.
Steve takes a look from the top of the mast.

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