Thursday, July 23, 2009

Less than 1000 miles to go !

It's been so grey the past several days, dark and gloomy, in such contrast to the beautiful tropical weather we've experienced for most of the past two years. I hope the weather back home is great, we're looking forward to a beautiful BC summer.

Malachi has 936 nm to go until we reach the Strait of Juan de Fuca then another 70 or so right into Victoria. There are lots of things we hope to do right away: sleep always tops the list with laundry coming in second, but one of the thoughts we're salivating over is the idea of a White Spot burger and milkshake...mmmm! A small restock at the local grocery store and a visit with friends in Victoria, then we'll be off to the Bluewater rendezvous in Montague Harbour where we hope to meet up with Maryke Violet. It will be wonderful to see friends whom we haven't seen for so long.

And so the coundown continues as Jocelyn crosses off the days on the calendar, we look forward to seeing you all upon our return.

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