Monday, July 13, 2009

The fish are hot!

Wow, we've sure had a lot of chomps on our fishing lines over the past few days. Yesterday was the best one of the big ones grabbed the hook and ran off with the lure and all of our line! There was no stopping the reel! What a drag, that was a brand new hook and one of our few remaining hoochies. Orca III has had good luck catching fish as well, but we're both in the same predicament, in that our freezers are full having been stocked up for the passage. Oh well, we're working on taking care of that, bbq steak for dinner last night mmm.....not our typical passage meal, what a nice change.

This morning the winds have died off to 5 knots and we are motor sailing with Orca III in sight just a few miles behind us. Accompanying the light winds are very calm seas, a good day for laundry.

We've been reading The Tale of Despereaux as part of the dinner theater aboard Malachi, some, who will remain unmentioned, are not that interested in story time, but I'm reading it anyway and I think that secretly, they like it. In addition to daily story time, we've been lighting off firecrackers as night falls. Steve is quite the pyromaniac and collectively, we come up with some pretty inventive ways to use up the firecrackers that are intended to spin around on the ground. Last night, we popped two into a glass bottle, quickly replaced the lid then threw it overboard. The bottle glowed bright in many different colours before exploding with the final report. I think Steve is dreaming of launching a pop can rocket far into the atmosphere, but we'll just have to wait and see what they come up with next, perhaps a giant sling shot?

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