Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mas Escondido

Well, even though Escondido is a ghost town, it's still fun when you've got friends around! We went for a four hour hike up Steinbeck Canyon with our friends from Maryke Violet, it was so beautiful!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Puerto Escondido

Hello all, we are now at Puerto Escondido, a wonderfully calm and safe anchorage in a ghost town that has this one totally beautiful hotel/resort with internet. Strange. The weather is sunny and warm....finally!

We got all of our mechanical issues fixed in La Paz then spent the night at Isla La Partida then two nights at Isla San Francisco before taking advantage of a rare South wind to sail North to Agua Verde. We spent three nights in Agua Verde before sailing here. We're really enjoying reuniting with friends here in Escondido and the kids are off swimming at some posh resort with their friends whose grandparents are staying there. LUCKY!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Mas La Paz!

La Paz is really quite different from Mazatlan and we've really been enjoying our time here. There are so many things to comment on and to share!

La Paz is a community built around a beautiful Malecon which is punctuated by fabulous statues.

Here's what the artist has to say about the Seashell Musicians:

"The act of fusing human shapes with those of shells is to stress the diversity. And the appeal of the music is that it is a universal language that brings together feelings, emotions, sensations, etc. The idea arose from the act of holding a seashell between the hands. We marvel at its shapes and colours, independent of the place from which it came. If we hold it close to our ears and we pay attention, it will surprise us in that we hear the song of the ocean, and that rouses in us the same sensations. The same thing happens with human beings, in spite of the diversity of their origins, their shapes and colours. If we really pay attention and listen deep down in our beings, we can hear the rhythm of our own hearts.”

We've been sitting at the dock now for about a week while we undergo some repairs to the davits and generator - a source of great frustration for El Captain!

There's a Burger King here but as you can see it's not nearly as economical as in Canada!

Just kidding! Pesos or two to one on the dollar, so it's really only $1.90 and $2.90 respectively!

The candy stores in Mexico are really not stores at all, rather, carts that are pushed around and parked on the edge of the street.

The architecture in La Paz is beautiful with many very large structures with intricate details. Here are the girls in front of one of the historic buildings downtown.

We finally met up with our friends from Orca II here in La Paz and had a good chuckle looking at the grade 4 & 5 class pictures of Dionne and Jay who attended Cameron Elementary School together, oh so many years ago! NOTE: You'll have to click on the picture to make it bigger if you want to see what these two looked like at the tender ages of 10 & 11.

February 2nd was Marg's birthday and we celebrated by going out for breakfast and dinner at the same restaurant, our favorite, Rancho Viejo (Old Ranch). The food, atmosphere and people are terrific. Look at all the jalepenos are on the grill!