Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Canada!

Back in Canada at the Customs dock.

WOW! after two years at sea, almost to the day, Malachi is back in Canada! We cleared customs just after 8pm and tied up in front of the Empress Hotel right in Victoria's inner harbour. There's alot of excitement around here with the upcoming holiday weekend and it's been a fun place to make landfall. Only in Victoria can you see Darth Vador playing the violin on the street corner.

Moored in front of the Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

Robert and Rose from Tillicum greeted us as we pulled into the customs dock, what a great welcome! The Griggs came by last night and spent a few hours with us reuniting which was just awesome as well. It's so great to see familiar faces that we've missed over the past two years.

In total, thirteen of us walked across town to White Spot for the long anticipated triple 'o' burgers, fries and milkshakes. It was an awesome celebration and a delicious meal.

mmm - love those triple'o burgers

Approaching Victoria

Our first glimpse of Canada.

Well, I'm running out of time as check out is 1pm and there's a big rendezvous and there are heaps of boats chomping at the bit for us to get off the dock. There's so much more to say and so many more pictures to share which I'll do at the next internet opportunity. Thanks everyone for reading our blog and following our adventure. We'll take the next 10 days to make our way back to the Burrard Yacht Club in North Vancouver, stopping to visit friends in Thetis Island and Gabriola Island. We can't wait to see you all very soon!


Rich said...

Welcome home Crandell family, welcome home!!!

Larry Pruitt said...

Welcome home Crandell family, welcome home!!! (Rich is really me...a co-worker used my computer)

ovive said...

O'Vive would like to tell you "Congratulation, welldone, you should be so proud to have cross those 18,000 miles!!!!!" and if ever you think of going again, let us know, we would love to sail side by side with Malachi again, it was an amazing adventure!!!!
We love you and miss you very much.
Your friends from Florida...