Sunday, November 05, 2006

Victoria and Home

We had a wonderful time in Victoria, sight seeing and visinting with friends. This was definately a highlight of our trip. Marg, Jocelyn & Jenny went for High Tea at the Empress Hotel, which was excellent and a must do. Expensive? yes, but still a must at least once!

Our friends showed us around town and took us to their favorite ice cream haunt - The Beacon Hill Drive-in, Yummmm!

Victoria was so much fun and we would highly recommend moorage at the Government Dock in front of the Empress. After all the solitude of the North Island, the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk was a nice change. We shopped at the vendors booths on the boardwalk, watched the juggler and of course the world famous Ferry Ballet! We could enjoy the musicians all from our boat, we will definately return!

After three days in Victoria, we cast off for the final days of our adventure.

We visited Saltspring Island for one night, then onto Maple Bay for one night before heading up to Dunsmuir Island at an anchorage just outside of Ladysmith to relax for the last 2 days of our trip. This anchorage was beautiful, quiet and warm. The kids finally got to swim again, the first time since Desolation Sound! Jay rigged up a rope swing and we all enjoyed just sitting put!

And so, with a great sail from Dunsmuire, across the strait to Vancouver, we end our shake down cruise around Vancouver Island.