Friday, July 17, 2009

Tack Tack Tack

Well, this passage, although it started out very nicely, is shaping up to be a bit of a frustration to all on board. For the past 24 hours we've been on a course to Russia! The strange positioning of the high pressure systems across the Pacific is causing us alot of grief in our quest to travel North East. Yesterday, put 108 miles under our keel but only 68 miles in the right direction, today will probably be less successful. Don't get me wrong, the sailing is good and so is the fishing and everyone on board is doing just fine, it's just that our present course is a little discouraging.

We are now entering the a high pressure system to our NW where we'll lose the wind altogether, but will be able to motor due North until we can pick up the West winds that will push us home. The skies are grey and gloomy and tend to make one feel a little down. When it's the only thing you've got to look at, it's nice to have a little variation in colour, some blue is always welcome and we can even enjoy little pockets of black because there's usually a rainbow accompanying the storm clouds.

We've now been at sea for a whole week and have all settled nicely into the rhythm of the passage. We're all very excited about our homecoming and are crossing off the days on the calendar until that time.


Joan Gregory said...

Dear Malachi and Orca III--It is so fun to follow your travels back to North America. The image of you two having a water-balloon fight in the middle of the ocean is hysterical. Do you remember Sally and Brad of Pax Vobiscum? Brad and crew are bringing Pax back from Hawaii too (Sally is in Seattle, running for city council). On July 16, Pax was at 43dg 36'N, 143dg 04'W. Think you can catch him?! Take care out there on Big Blue. Joan & Jan, formerly of Casteele

pete said...

I will pray for all of you, for a save trip