Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All in a day,

Yesterday we had a really good day, not much wind mind you, but a good day nonetheless.

The boys have been reconfiguring the fishing arrangement and since we've lost so many lures to big marlins and mahi mahi's, they're endeavoring to come up with a solution to prevent that from happening again. They've now rigged two hand lines, each running through a pulley mounted on the arch. We've had a lot of hits, but have only landed three so far. We're really hoping to re-catch the last mahi mahi because he's got our favorite lure stuck in him.

Last night, Orca III was very nearby, so we called them and invited them to come along side us for the fireworks display which consisted of one fire cracker dropped into a Pepsi can which had been punctured with about 20 holes and tied to the end of a fishing line, another firecracker just taped to the end of a fishing line and the grand finale of two firecrackers dropped into a glass bottle, recapped then tossed into the sea. The first time we did that last one it was better, because the bottle exploded, but last nights remained intact. We told Orca III that there was one more after that but they were too far away to see, I guess great minds think alike and as they came closer so that we could bomb them with water balloons, they had some of their own ready for retaliation! What a fun evening. Tonight should be equally fun as both crews are, undoubtedly, scheming about the impending attack. Stay tuned!

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Calvin said...


Be safe out there. Who's watching the road as you are having all that fun?

I'm glad that Jay is wrapping up the trip with some male bonding. It will mean less deprogramming when you return!

We are all here to counsel you as you attempt to adjust to land based living again. I wonder if it will last long. (The land living... not the counseling)

Watching you all with renewed interest.

Love and blessings,

(Uncle Cal)