Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back in the Northern Hemisphere

Pretty flowers from Tikihau

Malachi crossed the equator this morning at a little past one in the morning, with Orca III just .7 miles off our starboard beam. We watched the latitude count down, as if we were watching the clock at new years, and as we crossed we all gave a hoot and a holler! We made it! Crossing back into the northern hemisphere marks the completion of the southern loop of our adventure. We've got approximately 1400 nm left to go to Hilo, Hawaii and we're really hoping for nice winds and calmer seas. They're a little lumpy at the moment.

More pretty flowers from Tikihau

The previous two days have been very squally and the boat was very stuffy inside as we could not have any ports or hatches open. The captain and genoa have never had such a workout, furling and unfurling with each passing squall. Today, however, the weather is nice and the forecast even better. We should be able to enjoy a few days of clear skies and 10-15kn of east wind before we find ourselves in the ITCZ where things will, no doubt, diminish in quality. But, following that we'll be able to turn and head straight at Hawaii on a nice beam reach. We can't wait to get there.

Today, we'll be celebrating with an Equator party! Starting with crepes for breakfast, roasted brie and champagne for lunch and chocolate/coconut ice cream for dinner. Why not go all out, it's quite an accomplishment!

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