Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Au revoir Tahiti!

Rambutan - kind of like a lychee

Soursop - I like Chris's (Candine) description best 'tastes like lolly pops!'

It's been so nice to be back in French Polynesia, it really is beautiful here. The only thing we'll
miss are the high prices!

Beautiful sunset over Moorea

Sunset over Moorea

Malachi sailing wing on wing

We've had success with repairs and everything is working and will hopefully be doing so all the way home. We've had fun playing in the water and swimming with the rays. We've had our fill of fresh French baguettes, pineapples and fresh salad and we've eaten at the Roulotte. We even celebrated both Dionne and Emma's birthdays! What more could we want?

Biking in Tubuai

Emma's 9th birthday in Tahiti.

Happy Birthday Dionne! (not her 9th - in Moorea). I made those delicious cinnamon buns for her! mmmmmm! (Thanks Cynthia for the awesome recipe, we're famous for those now)

Every evening the the Tahitians practice in their outriggers, it's major competition here.

Austin (Candine) and emma playing on the beach in Tubuai.

But, alas, the time has come for us to cast off once again and set sail for Hawaii. We will miss the smells of the islands and the 'wahh, wahh' of the sirens as they pass by. We're planning to stop in the Tuamotus for a night or two before the passage to Hawaii, which will be much better than the passage between NZ and Tubuai. It'll be a much shorter passage too, maybe around 16 days if we're lucky.

Here's a pic of Whangarei, out of place, but a cool pic from Graeme. You can see Malachi to the right of the red roofs on the far shore and you can see the yellow sign of pak-n-save, our grocery store, in the background. The store was nice and close, really great, we just borrowed the trolley to transport our groceries back to the boat!


Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures. Nice to see everyone enjoying the warmth and sunshine (something we're still dreaming about here in Opua... Breakers!)

Joan Gregory said...

From Joan and Jan--Glad to hear you had such a good time in F.P. We wish you all the best on your passage to Hawaii! Take care, be safe, have fun.