Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tubuai to Tahiti

We decided, after much deliberation, to depart Tubuai ahead of a storm that was expected to arrive on Friday. So a little after one in the afternoon, Malachi and Orca III weighed anchor and set sail once again, this time, bound for Tahiti.

One of the nice things about being at sea is that there are no pesky flies to interrupt your sleep.

This trip was VERY different from the passage between NZ and Tubuai, in fact, we enjoyed a beautiful reach for the first 12 hours and we were making 8 knots over calm seas, lovely! It was sunny most of the time and Jocelyn even decided to take a dip one afternoon.

Malachi caught, seemingly, the only fish between Tubuai and Tahiti, a nice Mahi Mahi. We had hoped to catch another bigger one so we could have a feast in Tahiti, but it didn't happen.

The girls have been working hard on their school work during the passages, as conditions permit and have been making fair progress.

Here's a picture of us girls in our standard passage attire - pj's! This pic was taken as we left NZ.

One thing I forgot to write about as we were underway between NZ and Tubuai, was Jocelyn's BD. On the 26th of April, we celebrated Jocelyn's 17th birthday with fresh cinnamon buns for breakfast and Tex Mex for dinner, we had hoped to have made landfall by this time, but we made the best of it. Orca III sang Jocelyn a song over the VHF - very nice.

Jenny, presenting Jocelyn with her BD gifts

Cheery Jocelyn loved here gifts especially the Twilight shirt from Jenny.

The passage to Tahiti took just shy of three days and we were all tied up at the Quay in Papeete by seven am Sunday morning, just in time to pick up some freshies at the market!

We feasted Sunday night on steak and fries at the Roulotte as we celebrated our arrival and mothers day. It's good to be in Tahiti, but it's oh so hot and humid!

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Joan said...

Happy Birthday to Jocelyn. I think we first met the crew of Malachi in the Marquesas, at Jocelyn's bday celebration on Hiva Oa, at the pizza/dessert place. We so enjoy reading your updates and seeing your photos. Are we mad with envy--of course! So go ahead--keep living your dreams, and sharing them with us.
Stay safe.
Joan and Jan