Sunday, May 24, 2009

The first few days out

Leaving Tahiti

This passage couldn't possibly be any different from the last one! Light breeze, flat clam seas, intense sunshine and clear night skies, what a pleasant change!

We did an overnight trip between Tahiti and Tikehau, the Northwestern most of the Tuamotus where we spent two nights resting and tending to some final passage preparations and repairs.

It's May 24th and we've been out for 24 hours, motor sailing in very light east winds. The gribs show that we can expect the winds to fill in nicely, providing east to east south east winds all the way to the equator, only 137 hours, 15 minutes and 53 seconds until we're in the northern hemisphere again. We'll be sure to feed and toast Neptune as we pass by.

Remember you can watch our progress clicking the link 'track our position' in the right hand column.

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Calvin said...

Hi Kids,

It has been a great adventure tracking your latest excursions. We have been swamped with school band tours, baseball tournaments, dance competitions and a host of other events this past month but we still watch and pray over you continually. We anxiously await your return and look forward to many stories from your voyage.

Love the Peterson clan. XOXOX