Friday, May 08, 2009


The kids are happy to be on land!

Kyle, Jenny, Jocelyn, Maya, Graeme and Emma on our first walk in three weeks!
Jay and Steve on our journey into the Gendamarie
Our beautiful girls on a beautiful beach

A pretty church in town, where we listened to the beautiful singing

In Frech Polynesia, as in France, people purchase their baguettes fresh every morning. It would appear that some the islanders on Tubua have their bread delivered with their mail!

Tubuai has been a wonderful place to stop and rest. The island is very beautiful and the islanders are very friendly. While here, we enjoyed a variety of activities from walking and swimming to biking and playing on our own private motu. We even followed the sound of drums one night to watch the musicians and dancers practice for the big dance festival which happens in July in Tahiti.

Jay hanging out with the local men watching the practice of the drummers and dancers.
Alain from the Tubuai Centre loaned us each a bike so we could explore the island. There is pretty well one main road that runs along the shore. I though it was funny that there was a crosswalk!

Ready to roll! Maya, Marg, Dionne, Kyle, Chris and Emma

Traffic control on Tubuai.

Roadside fruit and vegetable stand. The ladies who ran this little shop loaned us some wrenches to repair one of the bicycles.
One afternoon after chores, school and repairs were done, we hopped in our dinghys to play on the little sandy motu between the anchorage and the reef. We had this entire little motu to ourselves and we enjoyed swimming, collecting shells and even a game of bocce!
Sandy motu

Jocelyn & Graeme reconstructed this lobster

Jenny, Maya and Kristie collecting shells

The time has come for us to depart and continue on our voyage to Tahiti, with just under 400 miles to go, we'll be there on Sunday. We look forward to a good passage and some fun times in wntown Papeete, maybe even internet!

It just wouldn't be complete without a picture of a flower!

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