Sunday, April 20, 2008

thoughts of crossing the equator

I was scared you know, to go to sea
with no vistas of land and nowhere to flee
the fear of storms kept me awake at night
not to mention the potential for an on-board fight

I thought I'd get sea sick, but that's not been so
I've managed my watches and to cook on the go
and now with the equator just a few hours away
we'll make it across, hip-hip-hooray (Marg)

Adios to Mexico, Bonjour Hiva Oa
with all of this water, I feel like Noah!
only two hours to go
we'll be at the equator so
with 30 degrees
we'll be weak at the knees
Hello paradise!
we'll say, "ah, this feels nice!" (Jenny)

Sunrise and sunset, every day
it's amazing beauty, I wish it to stay
the warmth of the sun
the light of the moon
we've had a long run
the equator comes soon

In the day, temperature's blazing
and at night we're star gazing
swim over the line
hope no shark attacks
the memory will shine
and now we're shellbacks! (Jocelyn)

What an honor it is to grant a request
along the equator, we'll travel due West
a last goodbye, we do our best
to place Jay's dad in his final place of rest (Jay)

Thanks to all of you who have shown your support through love, prayers and email.

We love you all! Jay, Marg, Jocelyn & Jenny


Mark said...

Crandell Family

I find it absolutly amazing following you on your fantastic journey!! I read your post and find myself wondering what it would be like to be onboard and experiencing everything your trip has to offer. You are all very lucky, brave and are living the life most of us landlovers only dream about. Jay, have a dip for the Breakers ! Despite playing without one of our vetran players, we managed to make it into the division finals, only to be beat 4-zip in the final game by the stinkin' Canadians. The boys gave it a good effort. Back at it next year. We will probably have a spot available next season. Know anybody interested ?
Have a continued fantastic voyage and keep living the good life for all of us !!

Mark, Lisa, Krista, and Jason

Sally and Geoff said...

Dear Crandell Family,
What a lovely way to celebrate the huge event of crossing the equator. I continue to follow your progress across the ocean. Best regards,
sv Grace

Marlene Sherwin said...

Jay and family your dad (grand- dad)would have been very proud of you. What a nice thing you are able to do. Keep up the great job you are doing.

David said...

Dear Jay, Marg, et all
I am stuck in Panama at the moment awaiting my transit (June 9th but it might move up) It looks like you are well in front of me but our paths will cross sometime. You can contact me at I pay by the keystroke so it is expensive. Take care. Love Dave

sv Solskin said...

Just wanted to let you know we are still cheering for you! Congratulations on the equator crossing.
Christine and the Solskin crew