Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

Mui Calliente! y Tres Chaud!

Ok, well I guess it's not really that hot, but for me (a heat sensitive canuck) it is. It's day 11 and we're currently at 10 degrees 8 minutes North and 125 degrees 44 minutes West, approximately 4-5 days from the equator and there's definitely a change in the climate. I checked the outside temperature at the end of my watch at 6am and it was 24 degrees and everything is starting to feel damp with all the humidity. No need for blankets or sweatshirts anymore, that's for sure.

There's not much to differentiate one day from another, sea and sky, sky and sea same old, same old. We have not seen a single whale, which really surprises me but I'm convinced they're lurking under the boat as the depth sounder sometimes reads as low as a few feet and often we'll see an entire school of flying fish dash away, just above the surface of the water, something's chasing them, right? Jocelyn and Jay are the only ones who've spotted dolphins this crossing, it's very cool to see them swimming through the water in the dark as they ignite the phosphorescence and look like torpedoes swarming around us.

We have not caught a single fish thus far but we wake up most mornings to an array of seafood on deck. Today we scored 4 flying fish and 3 squid! Jay & Jenny decided that they should put one of the squid on the fish hook and lo and behold, just an hour later had a strike! but sadly it got away.

The wind has been pretty good so far and we're traveling at an average of 6.5 knots. The sunsets and sunrises are the highlights as are the stars, we're starting to see different constellations now which is very cool, time to break out the nautical almanac. Perhaps today we'll take a noonsite with sextant and see if we can remember how to plot our position the celestial way.

Anyway, I'll be posting some pictures the next time we have internet, until then, you'll have to tolerate text only posts as this is all the ham radio will allow, pretty amazing though, come to think of it.

Until next time, adios! et aurevoir!


Calvin said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the update. We have been tracking you and trying to imagine what it must be like out in the "Ocean Blue"
I can only dream about seeing the stars at night without any horizon obstructions and no city lights...SPECTACULAR!!

Love to you all,
(Uncle) Cal, (Aunty) Sandra, Calsie & Braeden

QuickStar said...

Hi..love following your journey. All so exciting. Our airmail address va7uoc@winlink.org
Drop us a line and we can respond in text. P.S. How do you have the seperate banner for Post Comments...I can't figure that out on my blog? Have you seen Orca 3?