Tuesday, April 08, 2008

At Sea - Day 4

We departed La Paz at 10:30 Saturday morning, April 5th and motored for 24 hours straight due to lack of wind. We decided to make a quick stop in Cabo San Lucas to top off our fuel and grab a few extra groceries and our last ice cream for a while, a little over an hour later we were off. As soon as we rounded the cape, we had 15 knots of NW wind....perfect! We set sail and have been sailing ever since. We are sailing a great circle route to Hiva Oa, Marquesas and at our current speed of 7kn we
would arrive in 14 days, although all of the other boats ahead of us have been out much longer than that and few have actually arrived. One thing we've learned for sure is that the winds are ever changing and can be very unpredictable.

The temperature is very pleasant in the mid 20's, both the sky and water are beautiful and blue....it's a good thing, since that's all we have to look at for the next several days. Everyone on board seems to be settling into the watch schedule and feeling more comfortable with the movement of the boat. Everything takes longer and requires much more effort. Today I was making sandwiches for lunch and I had to brace myself in the galley and had to chase the jar of mayo and the knife as they slid
all over the counter as the boat rolled. Sleep presents another challenge for us, we have lee cloths on the settee and the bunk bed but not in the fore and aft cabins where you have to work a little harder to be still. I actually think that I'm getting a workout while I sleep since my muscles have to work hard to keep me in one place instead of rolling all over....hmmm, maybe I'll create a fitness video and make millions....Bluewater Abs? Sailor's Six Pack? how about Trimming your Tummy While
Trimming the Sails? ....maybe not.

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Larry Pruitt said...

Bon Voyage Crandell Family. Karla and I, Rich and Sheri Leimbach are the Christian couples that met you on Catalina Island. We are praying that the Lord will bless you with joy and safety.