Saturday, April 19, 2008

A day away!

We are currently at 02 degrees 56 minutes North 129 degrees 13 minutes West and should be crossing the equator mid afternoon on Sunday. We've been out here for two weeks and it's been good so far, but quite monotonous so the anticipation of crossing the equator has everyone excited. We figure we'll be crossing over with our friends in sight, yesterday they were only 52 miles away, but they would have to be within 5 miles or so to actually see them.

We had a great rainfall yesterday, enough so that we could all go on deck for a shower and to give the boat a good rinse. The salt was everywhere so it feels good to have it rinsed off. It was a very hot day, 30 degrees and we all welcomed the cool down from the rain. We also had dolphins swim with us, that's a first for this crossing. Right now it's quite calm and we're motoring and have been doing so for almost 24 hours, it's 4:30am and the moon is bright and the sky is mostly clear, can see the Southern Cross, very cool.

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Marlene Sherwin said...

Is'nt computing wonderful.We can almost feel your excitement on your travels. Keep up the good work I guess you heard Vancouver got snow this weekend. no kidding.