Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our first week at sea

Our current position is 14 degrees 01'N 122 degrees 13'W

I must say that I would never have imagined that a week at sea could go by so quickly! We all feel that way. Our first three days out were fantastic traveling 164 miles each day, the last few have not been quite as successful but still over 100 miles each day. Today was glorious! Sunshine and 23 degrees in the cockpit, calm seas which are a nice change from the rolly ones of late, but unfortunately, calms seas are the result of light winds. We're flying our Gennaker right now and are having a really nice ride in 11 knots of wind.

We are talking twice daily with our friends aboard Maryke Violet and are trying to converge courses so that we can travel within VHF range but we've got a few days to go before we're close enough for that.

Night watches are going fine, of course nobody really enjoys them. Tonight there's a bit of a moon and light cloud cover so maybe we'll be able to see something, the last nights have been cloudy and extremely dark and when there's nothing to focus on one can feel a little dizzy.

Anyway, we've put 1052 miles behind us, only 1798 more to go!

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Marlene Sherwin said...

Wow. this is really a great adventure for you girls. How nice to have been able to see your friends from home. I guess you will really miss Diesil. Smooth sailing until next time love Marlene