Thursday, August 09, 2007

We're off!

Thanks to all of you who came out to visit us at the end of July, we really enjoyed a wonderful day visiting with family and friends. Those of you who were there have likely already heard this story, but I'll tell it again here, for those who weren't.

We had spent most of Friday cleaning and getting ready for our open boat, and we realized that we didn't have anything on board for breakfast or lunch. Jay and the girls took off to the grocery store while I had a shower and did laundry. I was just folding the last of the towels when a horrendous stink came wafting into the clubhouse, followed by a shriek "DIEEEESELLLL NOOOOOOOO!"

As I walked down the ramp to the boat, Jay came around the corner shaking his head to which I replied "tell me he didn't!" with a nod and a look of utter unbelief I was told the bad news. Diesel had just been sprayed in the face by a SKUNK!

It was just past midnight when Jay and Jenny headed back out to the store for tomato juice and I fired up the computer to find out how best to deal with our smelly dog. I donned the rubber gloves and fished out a bucket and some doggie shampoo. Diesel was looking very humble by this time. We saturated him in tomato juice - which he actually seemed to enjoy! Figures a dog would love to be bathed in food! We kept saying "don't shake!" but didn't quite finish the task unscathed.

Tomato juice, rinse, more tomato juice, rinse again, doggie shampoo, rinse, peroxide with baking soda, rinse, even more doggie shampoo, rinse and dry. WHEW!

We were finally ready to turn in around 1:30 am with a very confused and much better smelling canine pal. It will be a night we won't soon forget!

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Marlene Sherwin said...

glad the time has come.looking forward to follow your adventure. poor diesel I hear he will be joining you in San Francisco?????