Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still waiting...

Well, we are in Grays Harbour Washington still waiting for the weather off the Central Californian coast to improve. Winds at this latitude are quite favorable, however; the forcast for the approach to San Francisco shows winds of 35+ knots. Given that us girls are still a little green at this, we are choosing to wait another couple of days until the winds are a little more consistant.

Grays harbour is a sea side town consisting of mostly motels, rv parks, gift shops, fishing charter businesses and fish packers. We saw it all in an afternoon. There are several candy stores (chocolates and salt water taffy) but not a single grocery store.

Check out the link on the right side "Current Position", this will show a map or satellite image (whichever you choose) with a red dot showing exactly where we are. It updates everytime we send a position report through the ham radio.


Marlene Sherwin said...

thats cool( the possitional tracking)

jd said...

hope, you're all still having fun !!
:) nice meeting you at the BCA retreat. JD & Vera

jd said...

Hi ya'll, hope you're still having fun :) !! nice meeting you at the BCA before you left. jd & vera

mandlsale said...


Our first hockey game is in a couple of weeks and the guys are wondering if you will be able to make it out this year!!

Hope you, Marg and the girls are well and enjoying your adventure. Sorry we could'nt say goodbye in person, but the Sale's wish you all BON VOYAGE and a safe, exciting trip. We will be following your blog often as the kids like to see where you are on the tracking page.

Mark, Lisa, Krista and Jason

Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel. Our reason is the pilot that steers her. Without winds the vessel would not move and without a pilot she would be lost.

Calvin said...

Hi Guys,

Missing and thinking about you !! Love and Prayers

The Peterson's

Mary said...

Just checked out the 'track our position', the wonders of technology. It looks like you are en route. You are in our prayers!