Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hello all, we are in Port Angeles waiting for the low pressure system off the coast to move out of the way so the high can move in. It looks like we'll be here until Sunday before heading out to Neah Bay, oh well, at least we have internet. We spent the morning washing the boat - it looks nice and clean now. We've also been trying to sort out our weather fax reception....I think we're on the right track now. It will be important for us to be able to receive weather reports while at sea and the weather map pictures are easier to read than the text reports.

We have been doing alot of reading and playing games and the last few days have been so sunny and warm, we've been able to be in the sun. We do all of our errands on foot and are extremely thankful we brought along a collapsable dock cart for our groceries!


Irish said...

Hey Jay, Just tuned in. Glad to hear you got away OK. The sattelite tracking is cool! Keep your spirits up and we look forward to keeping in touch.
Derrick Knee

Steve said...

What a nice looking family. Looks like the weather is going to break for you soon. Jay did you figure out why your speed guage was not working? Glad to hear that "carter" is working out. Will have to check out the sattelite tracker? Talk to you soon