Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Crunch Time!

Well, we've finally finished night school - whew! Jay and Marg have been out at Jericho Sailing Centre two nights a week for the past three months learning Celestial Navigation and Weather Forecasting. Although it was all very interesting, the drive to Jericho after a days work was long and we're glad to have this phase of preparation behind us.

We have recently added a radar arch and solid life lines from the gate aft, it looks wonderful! We've purchased a 6 man Zodiac life raft and will soon be installing a washer/dryer combo machine in the forward shower. It's such a small space, we had to cut out the wall to the companion way and there's still not enough room between the opening and the mast, so we have to completely disassemble the machine to get it in the hole then reassemble it in place.

We've got a new drogue which we hope to never need and are looking at adding a Fortress anchor and replacing our Bruce with a Rocna anchor. We're about to replace all of the main cabin lights with LED lights which will draw a fraction of the power our present lights draw.

Jay is wrapping up the work projects he has on the go and Marg is presently training a replacement in her job which ends at the end of May.

June will prove to be an extra busy month as we pack up our house and move onto the boat! Major downsize!

We have a new offshore HAM Radio callsign - VE0MAL and will soon have email available through the radio as well.

School preparations are coming along, it looks as though the girls will have a fairly light course load while we're away, thanks to all of the extra hard work they've done this past year.


Lynn and Bob said...

Hi, we're planning to do the same thing as you are. How big is your sailboat. We have a 33' yamaha, with one teenager. I would like to keep in touch. Nanoose

Lynn and Bob said...

Hi , forgot to give you our e mail. yip.yip@telus.net