Monday, May 21, 2007

New Washer/Dryer

Well the new washer/dryer is now installed. After a full 12 hour day for both Jay and Marg, the machine has be taken apart, cut apart squeezed through the door and reassembled in place. It looks great and we are looking forward to the convenience of being able to have clean laundry on the boat. How did the install go??? I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!


sharon douglas said...

Hi Jay & Marg,
I was driving to Harrison yesterday with Theone Kuebler and she was telling me about her friends who had sold their house and were going to live on their boat for a year. Imagine my surprise when she said your names and we realized that we both knew you!!! What an exciting adventure you are about to embark on. Whenever we think about you, we will pray for you and for your safety on your trip. Have a wonderful time, Jim & Sharon Douglas.

Calvin said...

Land Ahoy.

Glad to see you made land in one of my favorite cities. San Fransico is an adventure waiting to be explored. Enjoy it!!

Loving and praying for you!

Cal & family