Thursday, February 22, 2007

February already YIKES!

Well, the fall and winter brought about many changes for our family. We sold our home and soon after said a sad goodbye to Jay's dad after a very brief battle with cancer. He will be dearly missed.

Jay has been busy working on the boat most weekends, and as we both wind down our work schedules, we'll be aboard more and more.

New additions to the boat include an Asymetrical spinnaker, Sea Recovery water maker, cabin fans, and newly re-insulated fridge and freezer compartments (wow! what a job that was!).

Jay is currently preparing to install a vacuflush toilet in the aft head, which should help with odor and the number of days we can go on the holding tank.

Jocelyn and Jenny have been working hard, learning Spanish through homeschool in addition to attending school full time, and collecting as many additional credits prior to departure so that their work load can be a little lighter while we're away.

Marg attended the Womens Sailing Seminar in Seattle on February 17th and will be taking a canning course on February 24th with other Blue Water Cruising members.

Jay has been busy with courses as well, including boat electrics and basic and advanced diesel maintenance.

Over the next month and a half Jay and Marg will both complete Celestial Navigation and Offshore Weather courses.


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