Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tikihau - the lost post

Malachi and Orca III anchored off the south village

Somewhere in cyberspace is my post on Tikihau, the southwestern most of the Tuamotus.

After our first overnight passage from Tahiti, we decided to stop in Tikihau which proved to be a very peaceful and charming stop. Not many people live here, but for most of those who do, days are spent fishing, processing copra or working in one of the few hotels on this lovely atoll.

Drying coconuts in the yard, getting the copra ready for export

Fishing village at the north pass

We spent our first night anchored off a fishing village just north of the pass into the lagoon, only about thirty people live there. After winding our way through the narrow pass and pass the fish traps, we anchored in about 30 feet of water just beside a little hut on the reef, possibly a pearl farm. It was a very pretty and calm place to rest for the night.

The next day, we decided to travel the short distance to the village at the southern end to see what was there. The village was such a pleasant surprise! very lush and green and an abundance of tropical flowers - which of course I love. We had a very nice walk through the village and visited the store, of course, and the boulangerie where we got to see the bakers making baguettes. We placed our order for four fresh loaves which we picked up an hour later...the last of our French bread for a while.

Making fresh baguettes at the bakery

Emma, Jenny, Maya and Jocelyn on Mainstreet, Tikihau

Tikihau town hall

Tikihau church

Store in Tikihau

Small boat harbour south village, Tikihau

Main street - Tikihau

Island cutie pie

Tropical hut

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