Thursday, July 03, 2008


Toau - Tuamotus

We spent several days in the lovey atoll of Toau where we were warmly welcomed by Valentine and Gaston who run a little restaurant in this tiny village of 12 people. Malachi, O'vive and Orca III enjoyed an excellent lobster and parrot fish dinner and wonderful company. Gaston cooked 12 lobsters on the BBQ after getting up at 2am and running through the palms out to the reef and then chasing the lobsters in the shallows, grabbing them then flinging them into a barrel that he carried on his back. Jay and Steve were very excited about going lobster fishing, but Gaston was too fast for them to keep up.

Jay and Jocelyn went for a dive down a sheer wall while the rest of us snorkeled above, but the best snorkeling was in the little bay where the coral and fish showed up really well on a backdrop of white sand.

We played volleyball every day with Gaston, Valentine and whoever else was around, other cruisers or Valentine's sister's kids. The Polynesian hospitality once again continues to amaze us.

Gaston has rescued a baby frigate bird named Mr. Lilly who sits on a perch on the dock, he won't be able to fly for another 6 months.

One day, Jay, Dave and Steve spent the morning helping Gaston build a fish trap, a 'V' shaped funnel measuring about 75 feet across at the opening used to catch parrot fish which are sold at the market in Tahiti. It was an enjoyable morning for the guys.

We had the pleasure of attending the little church service in Toau where 8 of us (4 of us were guests) sang songs of worship in French, Tahitian and Tongan and then joined in a lesson and discussion lead by Valentine - it was indeed a memorable experience.

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