Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Malachi at anchor in Opunohu Bay, Moorea

We’ve spent the last week here on the beautiful island of Moorea, just a short distance from Tahiti. Moorea means yellow lizard, although we haven’t seen any of those here yet.

Our first night here we had dinner at the Bali Hai with friends from Imagine and Destiny followed by a Polynesian Dance show in which all of us girls participated and learned some new moves. The friends, food and fun amounted to an amazing evening!

On July 4th, our American friends hosted a dinghy raft up to celebrate their independence day, about 8 boats participated and platters of food were passed from dinghy to dinghy as we all enjoyed meeting one another. Boaters always have things in common!

One of the highlights of this trip so far has been swimming with the sting rays here. We’ve gone twice already and plan to go once if not twice more! Just a 15 minute dinghy ride away, a colony of sting rays hang out in the shallows just waiting for visitors to come and play and hopefully bring a tasty snack of raw fish. It is an amazing experience to have 10 sting rays swimming right at you! When you hold a piece of fish out, the rays will swim up to you and flap against your torso and your legs, it’s almost like a hug! They are very soft and enjoy being touched.

While all of this playing and swimming with the rays is going on, about a dozen or more black tipped reef sharks linger patiently in the distance just waiting for their turn to be fed then they will come swim around close to you as well, but thankfully not as close as the rays! We saw one about five feet in length swim within a few feet of us…..spooky!

We’re just enjoying this beautiful relaxing anchorage while we wait for our friends on O’vive and Orca III to catch up then we’ll have a few days with them before heading across to Huahine. We’ve only got three weeks left here in French Polynesia before heading to the Cook Islands, it’s been so beautiful we don’t really want to leave.
Malachi, viewed from the top of the mast
The girls lounging around in the hammock after a hard day's school work
Jenny, just hanging around at the top of the mast 70 feet above the water!


Larry Pruitt said...

Wow, I want to sign up for the next trip to ride to the top of the mast!!!

P.S. I left a longer message on your previous entry.

Larry Pruitt

QuickStar said...

So great to read your blog and see what a fabulous trip you guys are having. We have spent the spring/summer and will spend the fall here in the Sea of Cortez. We will go home to Silver Star for the ski season...then plan on heading to Galapagus and to the South Pacific next spring.
Say hello to the gang from Orca III when you connect. You can check out our blog at Our email address is
continue to enjoy this trip of a lifetime. Hugs...Diana and Peter

David said...

Dear Jay and Marg,
I just arrived Tahiti, can you send an email address? Skymate has failed big time so have to use Thanks, Dave

captdavebvi said...

Dear Jay and Marg,
I just arrived in Tahiti today. Can you let me know how to get in touch with you? Please use to get in touch as Skymate has failed. Thanks Dave