Monday, May 05, 2008

Our First Week in the Tropics

I can hardly wait to have internet so that I can post some photos so you can see how incredibly beautiful it is here in the Marquesas, but it's hard to find an internet connection in the jungle!

We've visited the islands of Hiva Oa, Tahuata and are now on the gorgeous island of Fatu Hiva where us girls will be teaching English in the local school along with two ladies from Seattle. It is soooo HOT! 32 degrees today as we sailed the 10 hour trip from Tahuata and right now, after dinner, it's 28 degrees in the cabin! Sleep does not come easy in this heat and the cockpit is the coveted berth.

The anchorage in Tahuata was absolutely beautiful, we could see the coral reefs and fish on the bottom where we were anchored in 35 feet of water. Jay and Jocelyn dove and I snorkeled and it's so clear and warm 82 degrees F, no need for a wetsuit. We had a group of six huge rays swimming beside the boat a couple of the mornings we were there and during our snorkeling we got to swim with them, some of them span more than six feet.

When we were not swimming and playing, we were off exploring and collecting coconuts and limes. We visited a small village not far from where we were anchored and were given about 20 mangoes, pamplemousse (huge, and very sweet grapefruit) and a huge stock of bananas. Most of the cruising boats have a stock of bananas hanging outside, the trouble is that the whole lot will ripen at the same time, so I anticipate baking lots of banana bread.

Yesterday, we visited a local church and enjoyed the incredible beauty of the building, the melodious singing and the fragrant flowers on the altar, I'm sure we would have enjoyed the message as well had we been able to understand, the service was delivered in a 50/50 split of French and Marquesan. After church we were spoiled when the Opa from Maryke Violet treated us all to a bucket of ice cream from the local store, he sat the bucket on a retaining wall outside the store and handed everyone a spoon.....YUM! At $22 for 2 litres it'll be a rare treat.

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QuickStar said...

Great to read your updates. We are in La Paz - Peter needed a root went better than expected. We will be in the Sea for the spring/summer/fall. Our blog is Say hi to the three J's...take care and I look forward to your continued updates...they are awesome. Di and Peter