Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Nuku Hiva

We've been on Nuku Hiva for the past week. We arrived here last Friday, just in time for the Saturday morning market, where you can buy fresh veggies, fish and baking, things you can't buy during the week, but when they say morning, they really mean morning, the market runs from 4:30 am to 6:30 am and if you're not there right at the start, you likely won't get what you want. I can't believe I got up before 4 am to buy veggies!
We spent the weekend at Taiohae Bay which is home to about 1200 Marquesans, and is the largest village on the island. This is the best place to provision as there are three stores to choose from, that said, provisioning, compared to Canada and the US is limited and expensive, eggs are $7 a dozen and apples (very rare to find) are $1.50 each. It's a good thing we provisioned so well in Mexico so we really only have to buy a few things to supplement. I bought a yogourt maker so now we can enjoy that since four little yogourts cost $7.50 here.

We spent a few days in the middle of last week in Controleur Bay in the village of Taipivai, the setting for Herman Melville's book Typee (Melville wrote Moby Dick). The village was beautiful and we enjoyed a gorgeous hike to some ancient ruins followed by a refreshing swim in a small cascade in the river.

For those of you who are Survivor fans, Nuku Hiva was the site of season four of the reality TV series and one of the tribes were located in Controleur Bay and the other in Daniels Bay, where we plan to visit next, tribal council was located just outside Taiohae Bay in Colette Bay.

We're now back in Taiohae Bay for the weekend. Yesterday, after the market, we took an all day road trip with a local lady, Jocelyne, who took us to the high plains of the island where pine trees grow, the smells remind me of home

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