Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Start of 2008

We had a nice start to 2008 with dinner out at our favorite restaurant here, Fat Fish, followed by a movie (National Treasure 2). Fortunately, the movies are in English with Spanish subtitles!

Jay clebrated his birthday on January 2nd along with our friend Linda from Warren Peace. We once again enjoyed a dinner out followed by cake and coffee at Linda's brother-in-law's hotel suite. If was a fun night and we came home very very full! During the dinner a Mexican singer serenaded the birthday boy & girl while making a paper flower out of a napkin. This special talent was of great interest to Jocelyn & Jenny who tried to duplicate the craft and when the singer noticed their efforts, he came back to our table to teach them.

There don't seem to be many hard and fast rules here in Mexico concerning pets, Diesel can even ride on the bus! But whe we visited old town, we came across this sign...very descriptive!

We visited Old Town Mazatlan and saw the Mercado, the Plaza Machado and the beautiful cathedral.

We have really enjoyed our time here at the El Cid Marina in Mazatlan. The grounds are beautiful and everyone has really enjoyed the pools and hot tub.

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Calvin said...

Hey Gang & Laura,

So good to see you all together for the holiday season.

Jay, you look well tanned and very happy...although the pigs look suprizingly happy in their photo. I was wondering if you were giving secret messages in the birthday cake picture. That left hand seems to be giving a sign!! Love and miss you all!

Happy New Year from the Peterson's