Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mazatlan to La Paz

Well, we've made it to La Paz after a two night crossing from Mazatlan to Islas Espiritu Santos. We anchored in Partida Cove along with a few other Canadian boats and some other familiar friends as well. Although it's been relatively cool our entire time in Mexico thus far, the sun broke through when we arrived to display the beautiful turquoise water and white sandy beach.

We hiked ashore with friends from Misty Michael and Last Mango and got a nice shot of this fabulous anchorage. (see above)
Partida Cove marked a happy reunion with our friends aboard Maryke Violet whom we hadn't seen since early December. The kids all really enjoy each others company and were very excited to start filming their second movie! Shown here are Jocelyn, Jenny & Aliya as they reunited aboard Malachi and the girls along with Tobijas during the filming of their movie.

Thanks to Misty Michael for this great shot of Malachi during an incredible Mexican sunset!

Diesel, especially, enjoys the sandy beaches where he loves to chase the ball, swim and bark at pelicans! After a long day of hiking, swimming and barking at birds, he's a very pooped pooch!

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Calvin said...

Hi Guys,

Nice to have the update and photos.
We have a lot of white around here as well...but it is not sand!
It looks like you are all having fun and I'm glad to see you hiking the beautiful terrain. Keep the cardio up and get the sunscreen ready. Love ya!!