Saturday, December 15, 2007


After a few days at anchor in Los Frailles where we swam, dove, snorkelled and enjoyed a bonfire and potluck on the beach, we crossed the Sea of Cortez. After an excellent sail, we arrived in Mazatlan at 8:30 pm and braved the narrow entrance into the El Cid marina. There are several Canadians here and probably eight or so Bluewater Cruisers. Last night we enjoyed dinner a Fat Fish, a local rib restaurant, with three other Bluewater boats thus experiencing our first real BURP! A great time was had by all. We'll be here in Mazatlan until the first week of January, then we'll be heading back into the Sea of Cortez.


Calvin said...

Hi Guys,

Welcome to your first port of extended stay.

We are watching, praying for and missing you. Have a very Merry Christmas. Wish we could make it down but we weren't able to pull it off. The funds have gone into the purchase of an Infared Sauna for our home instead. If you can't get the rays from the sun, it's the next best thing.

Love ya all.

dalseymour said...

Hi Crandells.. looks like you all are having a marvelous trip - awesome! Your "incredible" costumes were great at Halloween especially Diesels... Like Cal we are shufflin around rainy Van. But you guys have a Merry Christmas - and a sunny prosperous new year too!
Cynthia & co.


Hey there guys, can't wait to do the snorkling thing!! We will probably see you in the sea of cortez.
how was the internet coming down the baja? let us know where to pick up the shore cable. say hi to the fellow BCA's from Orca III
see you soon,
Dionne Orca III

Garry Tite said...

Just wanting to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sure enjoy watching and reading about your trip.
Have fun and happy sailing.
Garry Tite & family

The Clarkes said...

Joan, Erin and I would like to take this moment and wish you and the family a very MERRY CHISTMAS
We have been following your every move and see you are have the time of your life`s. Take Care, Stay Safe and above all enjot they good times your haveing.