Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Baja Bound

Well everyone, first thing I'll say is that internet is tough to find on the Baja! And when you do, it's at a cafe on a desktop computer and it's a dial up connection....remember that?

Anyway, we have arrived! Yesterday, we arrived in Cabo San Lucas, the Southernmost tip of the Baja also known as Lands End. We visited several anchorages along the way, Turtle Bay and Santa Maria being our favorites. The weather has not been what we expected, it's been cool and overcast and the water's really been too cold for swimming. During our trip down, we saw lots of aquatic life, whales, dolphins, sea lions and even marlins! We fished and seem to be able to catch tuna just fine, but we're holding out for wahoo or dorado, actually our first catch was a blue shark!

We've been travelling with a fleet of 7-10 boats mostly from Canada and will likely dispurse in the next week as some will head North into the Sea of Cortez while others will head South towards Puerta Vallarta. We will be spending Christmas in Mazatlan and are looking forward to meeting up with several cruising friends from home.

Our Spanish language skills are getting a good workout as we ask for directions, order a meal or converse with the Capitan del Puerto. While we were in Magdalena Bay, the Port Captain gave us a ride in his Panga so we could provision in San was a fast exciting trip. There were to mercados there and we were able to buy simple groceries only. The port captain hauled and launched his panga instead of leaving it in the water, so when we finished shopping, we walked to his house, loaded our groceries in the panga which was on the trailer and connected to his truck and hopped in, he drove us through town and launched the boat with us five ladies and our groceries - it was quite the adventure!

This morning we observed about 50 bat rays, just about 100 feet from the boat, trying to fly out of the water! They made huges splashes and sometimes did somersaults, what a fun way to start the morning! Cabo San Lucas is a busy tourist town and we'll be exploring today and getting some more groceries as our supplies are getting low again. It's sunny and the water's finally warm enough for a pleasant swim - a balmy 78 degrees. We're looking forward to going up into the Sea of Cortez to Las Frailles which is supposedly a great dive and snorkleing location.



Hey the sunset looks beautiful!! love all the pictures - looking forward to getting there. which boats are you traveling with?
we are leaving this morning for a quick trip to San Diego and then Mexico!!

Marlene Sherwin said...

We loved Magdalena bay too .We went out numerous times to see the whales with their calves.We were there about 10 days. We also got to the town of Magnalina on the Island. Great shelling especially on the Pacific side. We stayed 1 month in Cabo. climb the mt. behind the gas dock for great 360 views