Sunday, April 26, 2009

Calm Waters

Thank you so much to Glady Martin for this beautiful and encouraging poem. And to all of our family and friends who are praying for us during our passage, we appreciate you all so much!

Calm Waters

On this Easter morn you sail

on waters calm and blue

God stretched His mighty hand toward

your homeward trip that's due..

On days the wind is wild at sea

He'll hold you safe to Him

And when the stillness teases sail

He'll blow gently with a hymn.

Fear not of waves or dangers near

for He has guards for you.

His warrior angels stand swords drawn

as you sail the mighty blue..

Soon you will be again at home,

your hearts have changed so clear,

Our God has shown you many things

while on your sojourn years.

So, on this day that He arose

and opened up a way,

that we can live in paradise

and begin a brand new day.

Face the east and smile your love

and know that He's with you.

Close your eyes and listen close...

He is saying..."I love you."

dedicated to

"The Crandell Family"


Glady Martin

April 12, 2009


Larry Pruitt said...

Glady inspiring and moving to me a fellow prayer warrior over the Crandell family. Your writing of that poem had to be Spirit led. You have truly made my day!

Auntie said...

Hello Larry,
Thank you so kindly for your beautiful words. I am not very good when it comes to verbal conversations & such but I do write and that is comfortable for me. When it comes to poetry & inspirational writing I do feel God's nearness. Sometimes I don't even realize what I have written until I go back.

Your words truly inspired me to reach and open myself much more to our Heavenly Father. May God bless you in all ways. May your heart hear His voice. May your soul feel His closeness.

I have been ill for some time now and have not kept up my writing but I do have a little blog of real life experience short stories if you would care to drop by.


Auntie said...

Hi Marg, Jay & family,
God moved me to say these words. he wanted to comfort you on your way over the waters which could prove to be very lonely out there when you know you are the only for miles.

When I saw the power of the rolling waves my heart skipped a beat. How brave & faithful you are to make this venture. What a wonderful & beautiful an experience for all of you.

Bless you,