Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fresh Figs and Fancy Frocks

We had a couple of firsts today aboard Malachi.

Since Autumn is upon us, there are wonderful new fruits and vegetables to try, so we started our morning with a packet of fresh figs...mmm!

While I was driving to the market, the 'for sale' sign in our car was spotted and with some luck and persistence, the people following me managed to put together the right combination of numbers to reach us. Happy, they liked our car and bought it! It's a good deal for them as it really is a great car and it's great timing for us to have the car sold. Everything is so close to the boat in Whangarei that we can easily manage on foot.

We've gotten used to the wheel on the right, but I imagine you'll all find it odd. Jocelyn will really miss driving but will have fond memories of her first car and learning to drive on the the left side of the road and the right side of the car.
As dinner time drew near, we were taken in by a bride and groom and their wedding party, who had come down to the harbour to have their photos taken. Since Malachi was the backdrop for many of their photos, I invited them to have some photos taken aboard. It was fun to see all the beautiful people having such a nice time at the end of a special day.
Congratulations Tracy and Jai!
Just couldn't resist the Titanic pose!

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ovive said...

I am so glad you sold the car, one more thing out of the way before your departure. The water is warmer here in the Bahamas (compare to NZ) but it still is not
very warm! We ate some lobsters yesterday, just in time because the season close on March 31st! Let us know when you leave. A bientot, Bisous. Nathalie.