Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coffs Harbour, NSW - Australia

We've loved spending three sunny and relaxing days in Coffs Harbour. The girls have been spending lots of time playing in the pool while Jay has really been loving soaking in the rays and doing his best to make the rest of us look really pale. We have an ocean view room from our hotel, it's really beautiful. You'd think we'd be tired of looking at the ocean!

Swimming in the beautiful pool

The View from our room at Aqualuna
On the drive here, we stopped in at Fredo's Pies, famous for it's award winning pies, and, most notably, their crocodile pies. And, NO, we did not eat one of those, in fact we also passed on the kangaroo pies and opted for chicken. The pies were delicious. Pies are as common in Australia and NZ as hot dogs are in Canada and the US. You can buy a pie at almost every gas station with a little store.

Today we visited the Pet Porpoise Pool, a small scale version of Sea World. We absolutely loved the smaller groups and hands on interaction with the animals.

Jenny & Bucky
Jocelyn and Cindy

Marg feeding the little blue penguins...I love these!

This afternoon, we took a drive out to Nana Glen, where Russell Crowe has a home, but since he was no doubt attending the Academy Awards in America, he was nowhere to be seen. The drive out there was beautiful.
Tomorrow morning, it's off to Brisbane, or Brisvegas or Brizzy as Andrew Swift calls it. A big city and we'll be staying right in the CBD.

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