Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still in Vava'u Tonga

Well, we’re still in Vava’u Tonga where it’s easy to hang out because of all the restaurants and supplies that are readily available.

One of my lastest finds...a store with American cereal!

Best store for bread and cheezie type things.

Watermelons, watermelons, watermelons!
Another look at the market.

We’ve done a few interesting things in the past week. We arranged for Olivia, one of the ladies from the market, to teach us how to weave.
Our weaving class! Emilie, Nathalie, Olivia, Maya, Marg, Jenny & Jocelyn

Jocelyn, Jenny & Nathalie

Kyle and Alec sailed “Peanut” Orca III’s little sailing dinghy, in the Friday night yacht race and they won a pizza! Way to go guys!

We’ve done some more scuba diving at split rock – be sure to see the video that Jocelyn took.

Other than that, I guess everything is pretty well the same. Summer is approaching and the temperature in Tonga is rising, it is currently +30 degrees in the boat and it’s difficult to sleep at times.

I’ve spent all day creating, reducing and posting videos to youtube. Please be sure to check out the link at the top right of our blog to see all our videos.

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