Thursday, June 12, 2008


16 degrees 30 minutes south, 145 degrees 27 minutes west

We're in Fakarava and the anchorage here is crystal clear and warm and the underwater visibility is 60 feet plus. It's warm and rainy today but the winds that we've been experiencing for the past several days have finally died down.

We have been snorkeling/diving every day through the pass where we entered into this lagoon. We go at slack as the current is changing to flood, so that we drift into the lagoon rather than out to sea where there are big breakers! The coral is beautiful and varied and we've seen loads of fish. Our favorites are a huge parrot fish and the sharks, which were a little unnerving at first. Those of us who snorkel, have seen a maximum of 10 sharks at one time, while those who dove to 75 feet swam through schools of sharks too numerous to count! Jay reports that at 75 feet he looked up towards the surface and saw the dinghy above with crystal clear clarity. Most days, our adventures take between one and two hours, it's something everyone is really enjoying.

Yesterday, we had lunch at the little Pension here (small hotel with food service) and enjoyed pan fried Parrot fish and curried chicken while sitting at the table on deck while sharks circled us, it was especially entertaining when we scraped our scraps overboard the the sharks fought for a bite! It would have been our desire to linger a little longer over lunch then walk around the tiny village (approximately 40 people) but as in typical South Pacific fashion, a squall snuck up on us and the wind shifted so we rushed back to the boats to make sure everything was closed up so we wouldn't get soaked and to stand anchor watch to make sure we didn't end up on the beach, fortunately the squall never amounted to much and everyone was fine. Last night it rained all night and this morning the skies are overcast and still drizzly, feels like BC! (only much warmer).

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yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

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