Monday, February 18, 2008

Puerto Escondido

Hello all, we are now at Puerto Escondido, a wonderfully calm and safe anchorage in a ghost town that has this one totally beautiful hotel/resort with internet. Strange. The weather is sunny and warm....finally!

We got all of our mechanical issues fixed in La Paz then spent the night at Isla La Partida then two nights at Isla San Francisco before taking advantage of a rare South wind to sail North to Agua Verde. We spent three nights in Agua Verde before sailing here. We're really enjoying reuniting with friends here in Escondido and the kids are off swimming at some posh resort with their friends whose grandparents are staying there. LUCKY!


Calvin said...

Hi guys,

Glad to see you moved to warmerr climes. Imagine having to go north to find sun and warmth. I'm glad you got to do some sailing!!
What a beautiful port you are anchored in. I see there is some great surfing in "The Mexican Pipeline" as well as a renowned Turtle Ecological Camp located in Escondido. Enjoy your stay.
I wish I were there playing in that beautiful water.

Love ya,


Calvin said...


So I lost track of you for a second there. (or lost my mind)

You had to go North and then head South to find warmth and sun.

Still...I wish I were there!


Marlene Sherwin said...

We went to Escondido . It was pretty run down good to hear it is coming back to life. We stayed in Lorado for Xmas one year. Hugs to you all.