Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We spent halloween on Catalina Island at Two Harbors where residents of the town worked together to create an awesome haunted house! Being cruisers means you sometimes have a little extra time on your hands to make costumes and play dress up and we took advantage of the day and visited the haunted house dressed as the Incredibles! (Diesel too!).


Larry Pruitt said...

Crandall family, we truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet you today here in Avalon. Watching your family in Two Harbors this week showed us how much fun you all seem to be having. May the Lord bless you with safety and joy as you explore His creation over the sea.

May His wind always be at your back...Larry & Karla Pruitt - Rich & Sheri Leimbach - Sailboat 'Bodacious'

Rich Leimbach said...

It was a pleasure to meet you and your family at Catalina, I am impressed with your devotion to your family and to a great adventure. We will monitor your trip and pray for a special time for your family. God bless

Calvin said...

Well, I must all do look incredible. Especially that man with the great tan. Pine,pine.

Love and Miss you.

Calvin said...

Hi Gang,

Looking for more pictures and an update. It's painful looking at Jay in tights and a red speedo!

Love ya

Calvin said...

Hi Guys,

Are you still in Turtle Bay?

Jay... It was so great to see and talk with you the other day!! I have my webcam up and running and look forward to our next contact.

We pray all is well.

Love the Peterson's