Saturday, October 06, 2007

Santa Barbara

We are in beautiful Santa Barbara and it is sunny and warm! Our overnight trip here from San Luis Obispso started out very rolly and windy but evened out sometime in the middle of the night. Diesel faired well and looks mighty handsome in his life jacket. He, like the rest of us girls, always breathes a sigh of relieve once we're secured in port.

We have arranged for SCUBA lessons for next week and will be spending the weekend doing all of the text book work on the boat and will hit the water on Monday, by Thursday we'll all be certified!


Marlene Sherwin said...

Great idea scuba lessons. That is the way Bill and I met.At scuba lessons.neat eh?? You will love it especially down south. As Bill is diabetic he can not scuba anymore. We snorkeled the Great barrier Reef Awsome!!! Have a good time.

Calvin said...

Hello Crandells'

I have a picture I took of you at "Rainbow Park" as my desk top. It keeps you front and centre in my mind and heart. I sent this same photo to your Mom yesterday...along with a 'Happy Thanksgiving' message. You all look tanned and happy.
Loving and missing ya!