Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The South West Coast

We moved on to Tofino after Hot Springs Cove. We made the entire trip in thick fog. As we entered the harbour, we couldn't even see the huge coast guard boat anchored 1/8th of a mile away - good thing for radar again! The entrance is kind of tricky, you really need to mind the markers and if that's not challenge enough, it seems that every fisherman has a couple dozen crab traps down making things even more interesting!

The docks were all full, so, after much deliberation we decided to raft next to a similarly sized sailboat tied to the government dock. The crew of Genesis (from Calgary) proved to be great neighbours.

We spent three nights at Tofino catching up on school work, banking, email, groceries and of course....laundry ugh!

The hustle and bustle of Tofino proved to be a welcomed change to the solitude of the North Island anchorages. Of course, all us girls loved the shopping! Finally some shops to buy gifts!
We had some great fish & chips and an excellent coffee - all at a premium price mind you!

After paying our $2 to pressurize the hoses on the dock, we filled up our water tanks then departed the next day for Uclulet. We thought the entrance to Tofino was interesting, Uclulet is even more so. We consulted the sailing directions so we could dance around the many rocks and reefs surrounding the entry.

There was no room in the boat basin at Uclulet, so we tied to the 52 step dock which was quite quiet. 52 steps up and about a mile walk through town allowed us to see all we wanted to see, so we departed the next morning for Lucky Creek.

We arrived at Lucky Creek a little before high tide, which is the optimal time to take the dinghy up. Jenny and Diesel kept a sharp lookout for logs, as the waterway is very shallow in spots. We tied the dinghy to a big rock at the bottom of the creek and climbed up to a beautiful fairytail like waterfall, with crystal clear water!

We were a little worried about Diesel swimming in the rushing water, so Marg and Diesel hung out at the base while Jay, Jocelyn & Jenny hiked to the upper falls and enjoyed a nice cool (non-salty) swim! We were lucky to have Lucky Creek all to ourselves we would say it's a must stop for anyone visiting Barkley sound.

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